Saturday, June 8, 2013

Joe Martino's MIGHTY TITAN issue # 1...Review

     I first learned of Joe Martino over the last year as I explored the Twitter-verse and became acquainted with it. He was running a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the 1st issue of his own comic book titled "The Mighty Titan". I added Joe to my Following list both to learn more about his work and to meet new people with common interests. I learned that Joe was a man that had a story that he passionately wanted to tell. I learned that Joe had battled cancer and that TMT was a vehicle for him to tell that story in a sense. In the time that has since passed Joe was successful in getting the 1st issue released and is currently running another Kickstarter fundraiser to publish issue #2 of the book. Earlier this week Joe was gracious enough to connect me to a PDF version of issue 1 to review. As soon as I was able to sneak away from distractions I jumped into Titan's pages. 
     The cover of the book was provided by none other that THE Jerry Ordway! If you are not familiar with Mr. Ordway's artwork then I highly recomend that you hit up Bing or Google Images and check it out. BUT WAIT!!!!!!! There is another variant cover provided by Chris Giarrusso in which Chris puts a wonderful spin on Ordway's image (not familiar with Giarusso? Bing or Google!!!!). Joe's script and plot flow smoothly and he has surrounded himself with some terrific talent. Luca Cicchitti handles the penciling chores. His style is the right fit for the story as it is clean and dynamic but not hyper-exaggerated. I hope to see more of his work in the future. The book's inks are by Jeff Austin. Austin has a smooth line and really gives the art great depth and texture. Keith J. Betancourt is the colorist along with assists on 3 pages from Bryan Magnaye. The colors are rock solid and a perfect fit for the line work. Adam O. Pruett lettered the book and did a bang up job. Last but not least in the credits box is Robert J. Sodaro whom provided Editorial duties. Like I said before Joe has a great team with him here and they mesh well together.
     I would love to give a page by page recap of the book but if you check it out (and I hope you do) not knowing the journey Joe's taking us on is what makes this such a satisfying read. Just skimming through the pages it looks like a classic superhero book. The caped hero at odds with the evil villain amidst the cityscape. At first it looks and seems all too familiar, comfy even. Then you add Joe's words to mix and find that this is a different flavor altogether. It reminds me of what I love about comics. It reminds me of what I no longer get from DC and Marvel. It reminds me that their are still young and hungry voices out there in the comics world. It's independent. It's Joe and Company's book and it's a damn fine one. I love Spidey and Batman as much as anyone but the days anyone other that the top names in the industry working on them is over.
     The Mighty Titan is a story that ought to be told. Joe Martino is a storyteller that deserves the chance to tell it. I can't wait to get issue #2 in my paws to see where this is all going. Great stuff... Joe is on Twitter: Joe Martino @jgmcomics and all art and content in regards to The Mighty Titan belong to Joe. . .

P.S. Thanks again for the PDF Joe!!! Keep that Reign In Blood cranked!!!

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