Thursday, June 27, 2013


MAN OF THE HOUR comes forth from David Alluisi and Jesus Marquez. The pair co-created this 21 page, full color, COMIC BOOK. Why did I emphasize COMIC BOOK? (see I did it again) Well I did because MAN OF THE HOUR is a COMIC BOOK and it is damn proud of it! 
     David Alluisi provides the dialogue along with co-creator details. His script is smart and funny. He knows exactly what kind of story he wants to tell and succeeds fantastically. 
     Jesus Marquez handles the artwork along with the co-creator duties. Marquez has a unique and bold style that brings this comic to life. His characters pop from the pages with tons and tons of personality. 
     Mark Melton is the color man on the art team. He takes Marquez's art and cranks the volume on it up to MAXIMUM. This is one awesome looking book. 
     Brant Fowler lettered the book and fits right in the mix. His word balloons and sound FX further enhance what's on the pages. Great stuff abounds on all creative fronts. These gents have chemistry and it really shows on the pages.

      MAN OF THE HOUR introduces Wilbur Walters, a man whom has a date with cosmic destiny. A man who as the promo art above states is an "Unlikely" choice as "Earth's Only Hope Against Annihilation". Wilbur isn't dashing and daring. Not even gifted with a vast intellect. This fella is the last person anyone would want as their hero...and that's where the fun starts. Chosen to bear the COSMIC CRANK which gives him super powers for an hour at a time, Walters dons a costume (complete with underwear on the outside) and takes on the mantle of "MINUTE MAN". Wait, what the hell is a "COSMIC CRANK"?!? Imagine if you will the arc reactor in the chest of Tony Stark from the Iron Man flicks. Now imagine that concept but with a wind-up dial like on a cooking timer. Strange? Silly? Yeppers to both. That's the kind of book this is. Did I mention there is GIANT MONSTER and he's made of snot? How can this Menacing Mound of Mucous be stopped? Can Minute Man handle the task at hand? NO SPOILERS here, but I promise that it's a HELLUVA good time. 
     MAN OF THE HOUR is a big ol' love letter to Silver Age Comics. The kind of comics where nothing was impossible and everything was big and bombastic. It's a celebration of all of the things that are wacky and weird and to blazes with comics that take themselves way too seriously. It's these things and yet it's more. The fellas have created something here that stands on it's own as well. They've made a universe that lives and breathes and personally made me feel like a kid again...sitting beside my bed with a stack of my faves or sitting in front of the tube with a bowl of cereal waiting on Saturday Morning Cartoons to start. There aren't too many books that I can find that feeling in anymore. Thank goodness for MAN OF THE HOUR!

     So far this is the sole chapter of MAN OF THE HOUR but more is to come I hope! It scores on all levels and I urge anyone that loves FUN COMICS to get em a copy. A group of talented fellows put their hearts and souls into this project and boy did they shine. I know I'm gushing and need to reel it in a I will leave it with this. MAN OF THE HOUR DELIVERS!!!!!!!!


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Jesus said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. It's much appreciated. :D

Paul Sid Wren said...

Looks like a lot of fun.