Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ZOE: OUT OF TIME Issue 1 Review

"Zoe:Out Of Time"... At first thought it doesn't sound like the title of a comic book. More like a movie, a novel, or perhaps a video game. You know what? That's perfectly fine. Why? Because this isn't your standard comic book fare. Not that there is anything wrong with standard comic books, I love em'. It is nice however when something different comes along and surprises me. I was more than a little happy when issue #1 of this book came my way and even happier after I finished reading it.
     The book comes courtesy of creators/writers J. Michalski and Alexander Lagos. These two gentlemen have crafted a rock solid first issue here. They pull off more in one single issue than many comics do in three or four. They create a world and characters that feel real and not forced. Nothing cookie cutter here, these are people who have personality and genuine emotions. The script is well written and flows without hindering the pacing of the story.
     The artist on the book is one Derlis Santacruz. I have nothing but praise for Mr. Santacruz and his talents. His is a clean and fluid style that is a great fit for Michalski and Lagos' story. The art hits all the beats. His page layouts move the story as it's intended. His characters all have great looks and he absolutely nails the backgrounds and non-living set pieces. The colors are gorgeous. Oren Kramek provides them and does so as a perfect companion to the art. When I first saw the book the thing that I noticed first was the colors. They jump off the page and are pleasing to the eye. My wife who has no interest at all in comics actually stopped and noticed the colors. It's like the panels are captured from animation.
     Last but not least are the too often ignored members of the creative team the letterer and the editor. Antonio Rojo was the letterer and Zack Rosenberg the editor. Cheers gentlemen for the work you do!
     Zoe:Out Of Time introduces us to Zoe Black, a young lady with tons of attitude and spunk. I really like her so far and look forward to seeing what journey the creators have in store for her. Zoe's father is a physicist who has come up with something that will change the world they live in as well as history. Zoe's infatuation with a rock-star of the past collides head on with her father's work. One of the highlights of the book is the relationship between Zoe and her dad. It's real and being a father myself it struck a chord with me. Did I mention that Zoe and her dad live in a distant future? Another cheers to the art team who brilliantly breathe life into the world that they inhabit. I won't spoil any of the plot points for anyone who (hopefully!!!) reads the book so I wont go any deeper into details. I will however say that if you like beautifully crafted and smartly written comic books with cute girls, action, time travel, and a dash of rock-n-roll then this is one you should check out. I honestly do not have one single complaint with this book at all...well maybe one. I have to wait to get the rest of the issues to find out what's next! Zoe:Out Of Time is a breath of fresh comic book air! Count me in for the rest of the ride!

     Issue #1 is available RIGHT NOW at Amazon.com for the KINDLE!!!! Amazon lets you sample before you buy folks! Get a free look at Zoe! You can find it at http://amzn.to/103i6UM

     Issue #2 is planned for release on July 31st!!! Get on board now and you wont be behind when it drops!

     Wanna know more about the book and her creative team? Check out zoeoutoftime.com
or find 'em on Facebook  www.facebook.com/zoeoutoftime


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